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Pleasant View residents...

We are proud to be connecting all of Pleasant View to the Connext Network!

Let us know you would like to get connected to the Connext Fiber network today. This will allow our teams to most efficiently connect the city as our installation specialists work through your neighborhood.

Let us know you’re interested!  Construction will commence first in the areas that show the highest level of interest.


Let us know you're ready for fiber by submitting your info on the form to the left. This is important, our construction crews break ground and install fiber the areas with the highest level of interest first.

Submitting the form  and encouraging your neighbors to do the same will help us plan our build.

Connext X Pleasant View Fiber Project Promotional Offer: Fiber installation is FREE during the infrastructure installation construction process.


Let us know you're interested now to take advantage of this special offer.

As construction gets rolling keep an eye out for Connext drills near street corners, trucks with trailers delivering conduit and our crews working with shovels and other tools locating utilities and installing drop vaults. Click Here to learn more about the entire process. This work is setting the stage for a new dawn in connectivity, Fiber.

Connext strives to return all areas we are working to as close to pre-construction condition as possible. So much so that we have a team dedicated to this portion of the process. If there's something you feel needs another look or a little more TLC, visit this page to connect with a Specialist on our QC team.

As we prepare to connect your home, this is the perfect time to take a look where these connections to your home will take place.  

For Aerial Pole Installation: The fiber will typically follow the same path as the electrical service, connecting to your home from the power pole on the shortest distance possible. The fiber will then terminate on the side of your home in a small telecommunications box called a

Network Interface Device "NID".

For Underground Installation:  The fiber will be placed in conduit buried in the earth. The fiber connection to your home will typically run from the vault underground, in a line the shortest distance to the side of your house where the fiber will terminate in the NID. The Connext vault is located on the edge of your property, one vault for every two houses.


Take a few minutes to look where the vault is located in your yard to better understand where these connections will take place. If the fiber infrastructure has not been installed or you are unsure about the location of the aerial or underground connections, please contact us to learn where the connection will take place on your home.

Keep an eye on the map below to follow our construction crews as we work their way toward your home. We are connecting homes now with the ultimate goal to connect each residence in Harrisville to fiber by 2025. 

EXCITED ABOUT FIBER? Connext brings fiber to areas with the highest level of interest first. Sign up NOW to become a Neighborhood Fiber Champion. Help raise awareness in your area as construction commences in the areas with the highest level of interest.


The Connext team is offering marketing support to local Utah residents who are ready to become a true Fiber Champion. This ranges from support at community events to Connext SWAG and everything in between.


Connext has provided high speed internet service with a 4-star plus service rating for over 20 years

Connext is more than a great ISP, our team is installing the fiber optic infrastructure across all of Utah directly to each and every home.

Connext is a locally owned and operated company investing in Utah’s future. 

Connext is privately funding the installation and FTTH connection of homes in most cases (99.9% of the time) at No Cost to residents.     

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