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 6  Connext Home Fiber Connection 

Upon customer consent, the fiber line is connected from the vault to the side of the home. This is achieved by first placing a small telecommunications box measuring 11”x 7”x 4” on the residence for the line to connect to. This is later followed by the installation of a smaller size conduit from the vault in the easement to the side of the home. A sod splitter is used to create the path for the conduit, followed by a conduit laying machine. Once the conduit is laid, fiber is run through the line to the box on the side of the home. A technician splices the line at the junction in the vault. 


After these steps are completed, a team member will reach out to schedule the final home installation. During the home installation appointment, a technician brings the fiber line from the box outside to inside the residence. Because the technician requires access to the inside of the residence, someone over the age of 18 is required to be home for the duration of the appointment. The home installation technician will discuss with the resident where the line will be brought into the home and any other specific details of the installation. At the end of this appointment, your new fiber internet will be up and running and ready to use!


Interested in getting fiber? Call 801-686-2468 to get on the Pre-Install list! You can also email

 1  Blue Stakes of Utah #811

Prior to the start of construction, Blue Stakes will come to the area to mark existing utility lines. This process is managed by a separate organization. Utilities are marked to ensure the safety of residents and construction crews and to prevent damage that would result in service interruptions. You’ll see spray painted lines and numerical markings on streets, sidewalks, and grass. Small flags will also be placed on lawns, parking strips, and other areas to assist in marking the lines.

 2  Connext Customer Notification

Our Customer Notification team will come around at this time. The team will knock on every door and answer questions residents may have. Residents who are not home or where the door is not answered will receive notification via a door hanger that includes information on the current step in the construction process as well as contact information should residents wish to communicate directly. The contact information includes our website, email, and general phone number. 

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 3  Construction Begins Underwork

As fiber construction begins in the easement on either side of the sidewalk, large equipment may be seen parked around the neighborhood. Directional drills can be found on corners as well as trucks with spools of conduit and, later, fiber. Some smaller holes will also be seen on or around property areas as conduit lines are installed underground. These holes are made to ensure the safety of crews and residents by visually confirming the location of utilities, ensure the drill is in the proper place, and check for any unknown obstacles. Conduit is run through the path the directional drill has made.


In areas where the fiber is installed on utility poles, bucket trucks will be seen.

 4  Vault Installation

During the construction to install the fiber conduit,  further digging occurs as vaults are installed. The vaults are similar to those used for irrigation shutoffs. These vaults are placed strategically on the easement of properties. The Connext teams generally place vaults every two homes. Homes on the corners of streets will have a larger vault than those used further down the line. The location of these vaults ensures the shortest distance to the homes that would connect to them.


Homeowners will receive a notification from our Customer Notification Team. Team members will knock on each door to speak with residents, answer questions, and explain the process. Residences where someone is not home or where the door is not answered will receive notification via a door hanger that includes information on the current step in the construction process as well as contact information should residents wish to communicate directly.

 5  Fiber Splicing 

Once the vault is installed, the fiber will be run through the conduit that was placed previously. Part of this process includes a crew member laying the fiber out. The fiber may be laid out along the street or the edge of a property. Where the fiber is laid out during this preliminary installation step is chosen to prevent damage to the line caused by people or vehicles. Once the length of fiber has been laid out, crew members run the line through the conduit. After the fiber has been run through the conduit, a fiber splicing technician will create routes for fiber internet to be made accessible to residents. This portion of the fiber installation resides inside the in ground vaults that were installed during the previous construction steps.