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South Ogden Residents Construction is ROLLING!

The Connext Team's construction progress is expanding north and west through the city. Our fiber teams are pulling the fiber through the conduit in ALL of region one and are close to beginning connection to homes. The TIME IS NOW to get signed up to get connected as we begin the fiber drop process as soon as the infrastructure is in place and the fiber is spliced and live. You can also sign up when our team members visit your home to notify about the upcoming construction. Our customer notification teams are visiting each residence to deliver our construction messaging and answer questions about the project.

As we prepare to connect your home, this is the perfect time to take a look where these connections to your home will take place.  


Fiber Available!

Construction Complete

Construction In Progress

Pending Fiber Construction

Planned Construction

Submit the form below and help us plan our build!

Help bring Connext Fiber Internet to YOUR Neighborhood First.
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For Aerial Pole Installation: The fiber will typically follow the same path as the electrical service, connecting to your home from the power pole on the shortest distance possible. The fiber will then terminate on the side of your home in a small telecommunications box called a

Network Interface Device "NID".

For underground installation:  The fiber will be placed in conduit buried in the earth. The fiber connection to your home will typically run from the vault underground, in a line the shortest distance to the side of your house where the fiber will terminate in the NID. The Connext vault is located on the edge of your property, one vault for every two houses.


Take a few minutes to look where the vault is located in your yard to better understand where these connections will take place. If the fiber infrastructure has not been installed or you are unsure about the location of the aerial or underground connections, please contact us to learn where the connection will take place on your home.

A BIG CONNEXT THANK YOU to each and every member of the South Ogden Community for welcoming us in to the city with open arms. We are in the process of wrapping up infrastructure construction in several cities with the plan to allocate some serious construction resources to the South Ogden / Washington Terrace region.  Look for the current drill teams to begin pushing north and west along both side of  89 with our additional resources spreading out across the region in a calculated sequence.


Awareness is key throughout the entire Connext Fiber Project. Prior to the beginning of construction, our Customer Notification team will visit each residence to share information about the upcoming fiber project. The team will knock on every door and answer questions residents may have. Residents who are not home or where the door is not answered will receive notification via a door hanger that includes information on the current step in the construction process as well as contact information should residents wish to communicate directly. The contact information includes our website, email, and general phone number.



Prior to the start of construction, Blue Stakes will come to the area to mark existing utility lines. This process is managed by a separate organization. Utilities are marked to ensure the safety of residents and construction crews and to prevent damage that would result in service interruptions. Residents will see spray painted lines and numerical markings on streets, sidewalks, and grass. Small flags will also be placed on lawns, parking strips, and other areas to assist in marking the lines.



As fiber construction begins, large equipment may be seen parked around the neighborhood. Directional drills can be found on corners as well as trucks with spools of conduit and, later, fiber. Some smaller holes will also be seen on or around property areas as conduit lines are installed underground. These holes are made to ensure the safety of crews and residents by visually confirming the location of utilities, ensuring the drill is in the proper place, and checking for any unknown obstacles. Conduit is run through the path the directional drill has made.


During the construction to install the fiber conduit, further digging occurs as vaults are installed. The vaults are similar to those used for irrigation shutoffs. These vaults are placed strategically on the easement of properties. The Connext teams generally place vaults every two homes. Homes on the corners of streets will have a larger vault than those used between homes. These vaults are strategically placed to ensure the least amount of disruption when installing the fiber from the vault to the home.



Once the vault is installed, the fiber will be run through the conduit that was placed previously. Part of this process includes a crew member laying the fiber out. The fiber may be laid out along the street or the edge of a property. We try to place the fiber where it will not be damaged by people or vehicles but if the fiber is in the way please let us know so we can move it for you. Once the length of fiber has been laid out, crew members pull the fiber line through the conduit. After the fiber has been run through the conduit, a fiber splicing technician will prepare the fiber for individual drops to the home.



Upon customer consent, the fiber line is connected from the vault to the side of the home. This is achieved by first placing a small telecommunications box measuring 11”x 7”x 4” on the residence*** where the fiber line will terminate. This is later followed by the installation of a smaller size conduit from the vault in the easement to the side of the home. A sod splitter or pneumatic missile is used to create the path for the conduit, when the conduit has been placed any disturbance to your lawn or yard will be repaired. When this is done the fiber is run through the conduit from the vault to the box on the side of the home.


*** NID PLACEMENT*** When we connect your home, the fiber connection will typically run from the vault underground, in a line the shortest distance to the side of your house where the fiber will terminate in a small box called a NID. The path follows existing utilities where possible.





After these steps are completed, a team member will reach out to schedule the final home installation. During the home installation appointment, a technician brings the fiber line from the box outside to inside the residence. Because the technician requires access to the inside of the residence, someone over the age of 18 is required to be home for the duration of the appointment. The home installation technician will discuss with the resident where the line will be brought into the home and any other specific details of the installation. At the end of this appointment, your new fiber internet will be up and running and ready to use!


Interested in getting fiber?

Call 801-686-2468 to get on the Pre-Install list!

You can also email



We are dedicated to providing a high level of service, beginning with the service that our construction team provides. We have trained our construction crews to take great care as they work around properties.


NOTE: For questions or concerns regarding the work done on and around your property, you can reach our team at or give us a call at 801-686-2468. If you see anything following construction that needs repaired or addressed, please email 

SOUTH OGDEN CITY, Utah APRIL 18, 2023 --- Utah based fiber optic ISP Connext Internet Services officially broke ground in South Ogden today as the locally owned and operated fiber specialist continues to expand the fiber infrastructure across Northern Utah. The groundbreaking festivities were held prior to last evening’s City Council meeting. The Connext management team, South Ogden Mayor Porter, members of the Police and Fire departments, council members as well as city residents took part in this historic occasion. Connext officials hosted an open forum immediately following the groundbreaking, giving residents the opportunity to learn more about Connext and their fiber installation process.


The South Ogden City Fiber Project will bring the speed and reliability of fiber optic internet to over 6500 households across the city. This is only a portion of a much larger initiative that Connext is embarking on that will ultimately connect residents to fiber internet from Box Elder County south through the Salt Lake Valley. 


The initial South Ogden Fiber Project construction efforts will commence in the neighborhoods between Eastwood Blvd and I-89 and expand to the north and west from there. 


South Ogden residents are encouraged to visit Connext’s website at to submit their information. This will allow the Connext team to gauge interest levels in each neighborhood as construction will progress next in the areas the interest is highest. 


“In less than two years we've built the infrastructure for more than 20,000 homes... and this is just the beginning! We plan to double the homes passed each month from 1,500 homes to more than 3,000 homes a month this year. The support we have received as a local company is huge. We are actively building in 7 cities right now and have franchise agreements with many more. We're excited to see the impact this is having on our local communities!”

-Connext CEO David Brown 


The Connext business model is different. The Connext organization is investing directly in the Northern Utah communities the management and staff call home. The team handles all aspects of the project in-house from concept to execution. From engineering, to design, to build out, Connext is installing the region wide fiber network at no cost to the residents or cities where they are working.


The new fiber infrastructure will deliver residents internet speeds of over 1 Gbps with a symmetrical connection that offers the same speed for both uploading and downloading with no data caps. This will allow users to download songs in seconds and a full-length HD movie on minutes.


Connext’s Residential Offerings Include:

100Mbps Fiber Starter $35/month - 250Mbps Fiber Advanced $50/month - 1Gbps FIBER PRO $65/month

Unlimited Data - NO Hidden Fees or Taxes - NO Contracts - FREE Installation


About Connext: 

Connext is a locally owned company based in Ogden, Utah that has delivered wireless and fiber high-speed internet to Weber and Davis Counties with a 4 star plus rating for over 20 Years. The Connext team has developed to be the industry leaders in building fiber optic infrastructure in Northern Utah as the need for faster more reliable internet has become one of the most important tools in Utah residents’ day to day lives. 


In Attendance at the Groundbreaking in Photo Left to Right

South Ogden Fire Captain Ryan, PD Detective Nelson, Brian Papworth with Connext, Connext CEO David Brown, Mayor Porter, Fire Chief Cameron West, Fire Captain Bronson.


Hi-Res Photos Available Upon Request

MISS THIS HISTORIC EVENT?  Email and the Connext Fiber Team can answer any questions you have as well as assist in getting you connected to the best fiber optic internet network in Northern Utah! 

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PROJECT. Reach out to engage with the Connext team and learn how the Connext process works. 


SEE THE EQUIPMENT THAT MAKES FIBER WORK. Stop by our office to get an exclusive first hand look at some of the Connext branded equipment like the NID, ONU, NAP and more. These are a few of the many items needed to bring the fiber from the Connext network to your home. 


DISCOVER THE CONNEXT PROCESS. Connext is Northern Utah's Fiber Internet installation specialist and homegrown ISP. Following the groundbreaking, South Ogden residents are encouraged to visit with Connext and allow their team to share their expansive experience in the field of fiber infrastructure. Ever wonder how we get fiber into your home? Where we dig and why? What is utility locating? Learn all of this and more at the Connext 'Show and Tell' table at this Tuesday's Groundbreaking.

GET INFO AND SCORE SWAG. Hit us up for promotional materials and grab great Connext SWAG like hoodies, t-shirts, stickers, hats, yard signs and more.


TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CONNEXT NO COST CONNECTION NOW. This offer is available during the Infrastructure Installation Process and includes a NO COST Fiber to the Home (FTTH) connection and NO COST in home fiber installation.


EXCITED ABOUT FIBER? Connext brings fiber to areas with the highest level of interest first. Sign up NOW to become a Neighborhood Fiber Champion. Help raise awareness in your area as construction commences in the areas with the highest level of interest. The Connext team is offering marketing support to local Utah residents who are ready to become a true Fiber Champion. This ranges from support at community events to Connext SWAG and everything in between.


Connext has provided high speed internet service with a 4-star plus service rating for over 20 years

Connext is more than a great ISP, our team is installing the fiber optic infrastructure across all of Utah directly to each and every home.

Connext is a locally owned and operated company investing in Utah’s future. 

Connext is privately funding the installation and FTTH connection of homes in most cases (99.9% of the time) at No Charge to the residents.     

Let us know you’re interested!  Construction will commence first in the areas that show the highest level of interest.



Promotional NO installation fee*

100 Mbps

Unlimited Data

Fiber Optic Connection

NO Hidden Fees or Taxes

NO Contracts



Promotional NO installation fee*

250 Mbps

Unlimited Data

Fiber Optic Connection

NO Hidden Fees or Taxes

NO Contracts



Promotional NO installation fee*

1000 Mbps

Unlimited Data

Fiber Optic Connection

NO Hidden Fees or Taxes

NO Contracts



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