STEP 1  Construction

2 weeks prior to the start of construction, door hangers will be distributed within the neighborhood to notify residents of the upcoming fiber construction. Blue Stakes will mark existing utility lines. Drilling, digging and vault Installation around/on property areas occur.  To track the progress of the construction in your neighborhood, go to Check Availability and enter your address.

Worried about how the construction phase will affect your property area? Click HERE to learn more! 

STEP 2  Pre-Installation

Upon customer consent, the fiber line is connected from the vault to the side of the home. 


Seeing construction in your neighborhood and Interested in getting fiber? Please call us at 801-686-2468 to provide your consent and get on the Pre-Install list. 

STEP 3 Installation

Once the pre-installation is complete, the customer can now schedule the fiber installation. During this step, a technician comes to the customer's residence and connects the fiber into the home.