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Is Your Town Tired of Costly Crummy Internet Connections? 



Become a Connext Neighborhood Fiber Champion

It’s no mystery that Connext has set the standard in customer service while provided highspeed wireless over the past 20 years. Times have changed, wireless has its limitations and technology has evolved. The visionaries at Connext see the future of internet communication, It’s Fiber.  Connext is now installing fiber infrastructure across all of Northern Utah from Willard, South to Kaysville with the goal to offer the most reliable internet available.


Connext is a locally owned and operated company investing in Utah’s Future. The owners of Connext are your neighbors, privately funding the citywide infrastructure installation and FTTH connections of every home in your neighborhood at no charge to the city or its residents.


EXCITED ABOUT FIBER? This is where we need your help raising awareness, JOIN THE MOVEMENT that is changing connectivity across Utah. The Connext team is offering marketing support to local Utah residents who are ready to become a true Fiber Champion. This ranges from support at community events to Connext SWAG and everything in between. 


This is the Connext Neighborhood Fiber Champion Program. Free connections, service, yard signs, flyers, stickers, tees and hats are all up for grabs. Sign up now on the form below to get first pick of the goods, connect with the Fiber Champion Team and step onto the Fiber Podium. 


Fiber Lands First in the Neighborhoods with the Highest Level of Interest.


If you have an idea for something special, want to get creative and collaborate on a marketing campaign catered to your zone email me -Connext Director of Marketing

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